Meet The Band

The Dominic Minix Quartet blends rock and hip hop with songwriting in the new record Cannonball Adderall to release December 23rd under their new alias Yung vul. The band currently has a monthly residency at Ace Hotel New Orleans for their the Clashback music series featuring a different guest collaborator each month. The Three Keys room at Ace Hotel will be the venue for The December 23rd record release party. Be on the look out for the music video for the single "Wine and Cookies" directed by filmmaker Jonathan Issac Jackson.Hailing from New Orleans, The Dominic Minix Quartet plays improvised music that explores genres like jazz, hip-hop, R&B, soul, and rock to culminate a music that questions the constraints of discrete genres.

Young New Orleans bred improviser and lyricist brings refinement to rock and cuts modern jazz with metal in the intimate stripped down Dominic Minix Quartet. Led by guitarist and singer, Dominic Minix, Yung vul/Minix Quartet combines polarizing genres from metal to modern jazz in a raw, and brooding sound with enigmatic lyrics, bright buzzing blues guitar. The DC Hardcore inspired intro riff to "Numb Me Now" breaks down the door into Yung vul's urgent yet apathetic message. Enigmatic and challenging, Yung vul's lyrics are inspired by the poetic lyricism of Dylan. Minix developed his improvisational skills in performing with jazz greats like Jesse McBride, Donald Harrison, and Delfeayo Marsalis. After touring internationally with Grammy nominated modern jazz trailblazer, Christian Scott, Minix returned home and recorded the four song Cannonball Adderall EP. With artistic discernment developed from working with his jazz mentors, Minix combines his pointed lyrics with wildly a dynamic sound that is simultaneously a warm invitation and a challenge to listeners. You are likely to hear the influence of Christian Scott, Slum Village, Nirvana, Radiohead, Hendrix, Wayne Shorter, Mos Def, Nick Drake, Bloc Party, and Sade.

"Introducing" was recorded in 2012 by pupils of New Orleans. Breaking from the limitations of disparate genres, Yung vul/Minix Quartet is a versatile project that has developed a singularly unique and discerning sound. By combining polarizing genres from metal to modern jazz , Yung vul challenges the confines of classification. Preferring the term improviser to jazz musicians, Yung vul shows swing wildly from songs of apathetic urgency like their Bad Brains and Dylan influenced epic, "Numb Me Now" to intimate improvisations over romantic hip hop ballads like "(nameless)." You are likely to hear the influence of Hendrix, Wayne Shorter, Mos Def, Nick Drake, Bad Brains, and many others. What was once a simple jazz-soul studio session has become a call to free ourselves to be creative without regard for genre lines but with a focus on energy and emotion. If you are anything like us you are moved by Miles whispering a ballad, by Jimi igniting his guitar at Monterey, by the superbad groove of Curtis Mayfield. You love music that is raw and honest which is what we strive for. 

Guitarist, Dominic Minix performs regularly around the city with a wide variety of musical genres including jazz, gospel, rock, funk, R&B, hip hop, and blues. He is a native of New Orleans, and a NOCCA alumni currently enrolled at Loyola University New Orleans. From his  experiences playing with artists like Donald Harrison, Delfeayo Marsalis, Quinten Corvette, Shannon Powell, Roland Guerin, Jesse McBride, and Christian Scott he has become a fixture in the New Orleans jazz music community. Minix has scored short films and documentaries including The Guardian ten year anniversary of Katrina documentary, "That was Then, This is Now." Currently Minix is touring with Christian Scott. 

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