On the political roots of ska, Minix says, “I think turbulent times require people to be able to process their trauma, and ska is a vehicle through which we can do that by dance. We talk about some serious and heavy things and express it in a way that is joyous and fun. It motivates us to continue to do the work.” ” - James Wintle

Spin Magazine

Bad Operation, which is filled with all-original material from the pen on Dominic Minix, provides a welcome return of ska in New Orleans and the kind of album that stands up to repeat playing especially when one needs a lift.” - Geraldine Wyckoff

OffBeat Magazine

The Dominic Minix Quartet and Yung vul used jazz as a starting point in the conversation and immediately encompassed an array of genres, like Yung vul’s racing amalgam of punk, jazz and hip-hop. In comparison, though, the songs on “Sun Will Show Again” lean toward beats, synths and textures and are singular among Minix’s releases.” - Jake Clapp

Gambit Magazine, New Orleans